Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Worry - by Debbie


where did mommy go
when will i get fed
that kid took my toy
who is that stranger
what if i can't do it
what if no one likes me
what if i always look this spotty
will he ever notice me
when i start to blossom
what if i fail that exam
what if my parents find out
that bitch took my boyfriend
what if no one asks me to the dance
how am i going to be able to afford college
what college should I go to
what courses should I take
what if i can't do it
the professor hates me
why am i here
what if no one hires me
which job should i take
i hate this job
what if i get a bad performance review
what if i can't do it
does he really love me
what if he leaves me
how can we afford this wedding
what if something's wrong with the baby
what if i drop her
what if i can't do it
where did all these bills come from
why isn't she crawling yet
why isn't she reading yet
why doesn't she have a boyfriend yet
will we be able to afford this wedding
where did those crow's feet come from
is he seeing someone else
are we not going to make it
what if i can't do it
he doesn't look well
what if the doctors can't find out what's wrong
was it something i did wrong
why did i waste so much time

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