About Instapoem

Instapoem is about improvisation.

Instapoem is about creating raw matter from the void.

Instapoem is about order and chaos holding hands.

Instapoem is about wrestling poetry back from the Academy.

Instapoem is about turning inward.

Instapoem is about inspiring yourself and encouraging others.

Instapoem is about lifelong friendship between artists.

Instapoem is about getting out of your own way.

Instapoem is about trusting yourself and your craft.

Instapoem is about writing a poem within five minutes of viewing a prompt.


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  1. Dig

    Muddy hands all covered with dirt.
    Trowel digs into pile of earth.
    Deep in the ground a worm wriggles.
    Granddaughter giggles.

    Sunny day to play in the yard.
    Holes dug here and there.
    Dirt lies in many piles.
    Granddaughter smiles.

  2. Blue Ice Death

    So back to what I was saying
    About that time when – wait!
    You do remember, yes.
    Your sweeping lashes flash
    To hide the heat
    Of a thousand nights
    And a thousand thousand more
    You killed me and I died
    Once and again,
    A willing martyr for the blue-god flame.

  3. Raw Deal

    fancy that.
    I started a fire
    in someone else's heart
    and I got burned.

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  5. Hard Core

    When I come back around
    make sure you’re good and gone
    I twist and bend over backwards
    for my health
    once a week
    at Tuesday yoga class

  6. The broom leaves tracks
    - faint tracks, as the sweep of a ghostly dress -
    across the thick-dusted floor.

    Outside, the forsaken vines
    beat lonely tattoos on the warping glass.
    Time forgets we are here,

    pushing with firm hands
    the broom against the floor
    to hold memory at bay.