Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boss - by Rand

My review
of the new

Meet the new Boss
Same as the old Boss


  1. boss1

    Advocate freedom
    then put chains on someone with your words

    Champion expression
    then it oppose it with your critical remark

    Ignite passion
    then squelch it with your sarcasm

    Creativity is a casualty of your control

    I put away childish things
    but when you tell me what to do
    it’s all back
    that childish retort
    that rebellious “no”
    and, “you are not the boss of me”
    don’t tell me what to do
    i won’t be who you want me to
    but I want you to like who I am


    who IS
    the boss of me?

    stop doing that!
    I want to type all lowercase
    but you bully me into a cap
    I’m the writer
    I’m the boss
    you’re just the tool

  2. You frustrate me,
    You anger me,
    You vie to stop me at every turn.
    You may be bigger
    By twenty times,
    But it just seems you're compensating.
    My grip is slipping,
    The battle's intense
    As once again we're facing off.
    Curse it all!
    You're just so strong!
    But I am Mario, so you WILL fall,
    And few will mourn
    Your pixilated grave,
    Instead cheering: "Bowser's dead!"