Monday, April 11, 2011

Wildcard - by Debbie

My book was going well
until you showed up.

Ignoring your character description
and scoffing at backstory,
you tread with neither
mercy nor outline.

The others howl in neglect
but no, I must tend
to YOU,
my errant waif,
my rebel child.... favorite.


Do you have a "wildcard" instapoem to share? Feel free to post it below! We also welcome prompt suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. Not again!
    This can't be happening!
    But lo, it is...
    Why must you arriive thus so,
    Turned against me in this impromptu
    Battle of luck and skill?
    For once you were my friend,
    But now turned foe. Oh woe woe woe,
    If you but return to me
    I shall love you once more.
    You are both the bane and giver of
    My oh so lowly existence:
    The wild card of the games
    Uno and Crazy Eights.