Friday, April 1, 2011

Famous - by Rand

As I handed the book to the vendor
I looked to my right and noticed the author
unaware of my impending purchase
I stared a moment too long and our eyes met

I've never been one to ask for an autograph
but it seemed almost rude not to ask as
the author was watching me buy his latest work

So after the vendor and I traded credit card for book
I offered it to its creator and asked for an inscription

I took my receipt and we each signed our names in silence
surrendering our anonymity to the paper
before returning each item to its rightful owner

He offered a perfunctory smile, nodded his head and walked away
A curious silence from a man who wrestles his living from words

As the back of his head faded into the crowd I opened the cover and read
"To Rand -- thanks for all the music" above his signature

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Am I allowed to say 'that's so cool!!"
    I am not a poet, I don't know structures for poetry, but here are my 3 minutes worth:

    famous went to Oxford
    to test his obscurity
    but found he craved
    he hid his own sensations
    in utter