Friday, June 10, 2011

Vacation - by Rand

As of this morning
I am on vacation
so please forgive
me for not writing
a poem today


  1. Vacation -- by Herb Venticinque

    Get out! Get out! Get out!
    Move! Move! Move!
    Feel the groove

  2. Vacations and Mothers (reality or myth?)
    by Patti Corser

    Vacation time is fun for some
    It has a lot of appeal.
    However, for the mother of five
    it is a big ordeal.

    You have to wash and clean the clothes
    You know will soon be dirty.
    You have to pack for everyone
    Anticipating the journey.

    It may seem easy to those of you,
    who get to come along.
    However, for mothers everywhere,
    it is no dance or song.

    As a mother, I am sure,
    that there will be a reward in heaven!
    But vacation time is just a myth
    for a mother who works 24/7.