Thursday, June 9, 2011

Collage - by Rand

We take pieces
created by others
and carefully place
them near one another
producing a new context
and thus a new creation

We take what we find
rearrange it and
make it our own

We're all busy pasting
pictures of horses
next to ads for laundry soap
next to Mohammad Ali

This is how we make art
in the 21st century
but it's how we've been
making people forever

1 comment:

  1. 1989

    Mom's magazines, my magazines but none of dad's boring magazines.

    snip snip snip snip

    how do I make my life interesting inside of a 12 X 14 poster board with images and a glue stick?

    Girl too pretty, not pretty enough, too mainstream pretty put the skull over her face

    stars lots of stars pictures of musicians so I can pretend it's my boyfriend

    Gaw I hate high school.

    20 years later

    My own magazines, colored pencils, markers, stickers.

    Now sitting with a group of women creating a snapshot of the life we want to have.

    We call it a 'vision board'. Photos of women doing yoga, photos of happy children, photos of piles of money.

    Still trying to make my ideal life inside of a poster board with magazine photos and a glue stick.

    I still hate high school.