Friday, June 3, 2011

Milk - by Rand

Her body is shouting
“I’m the best
chocolate chip cookie
you’ve ever tasted!”
so loudly that
I forget that I'm
out of milk


  1. Milk

    I set the plate
    Of delicious cookies
    Still warm from the oven
    And crumbly
    On the table

    Then out comes the milk
    Poured into the glass
    Frothy white and delicious

    The cookies and milk are gone in a flash

  2. Milk

    To match the yummy cookie
    Currently traveling
    To my stomach
    And keep it company

  3. Announced it's arrival early and
    dripped from my body
    to nourish my children
    who grew strong and healthy on nothing but this magical elixir *I* created for them.

    Changed my breasts to an extent that not even surgery will bring them back to their former glory.

    I now smile approval when I see other women nursing their babies.

    How I miss that miracle!

  4. Milk

    Name one other creature
    that imbibes from the breast of another species

    does a body good,
    I'll tell you what.