Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tumble - by Rand

Places you won't find the word tumble:
  • The title of a doctoral dissertation
  • The Gospel of Thomas
  • Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition, 1998 Revision
  • New York State Driver's License (exception: your first or last name is Tumble)
  • A wadded up piece of paper in the front vest pocket of a 46-year old Peruvian dwarf
  • A spoonful of Alpha-Bits (this morning, at least)
  • Spelled out in recently trimmed facial hair in my bathroom sink
  • Cat entrails


  1. Bah, I say, it's tumbledown
    It's a fixer-upper, you say
    It's a house in the country
    like, there's even a hayloft, you say
    A hayloft?
    Does it have any hay in it?
    Let's go for a tumble, you say
    In the hay.

  2. Tumble

    The thoughts and emotions that churn in this head
    Have almost no way to escape

    They escape through the mouth
    In poisonous words
    Or helpful ones
    Or they burn the tongue

    They escape through the hands and fingers
    I use to illustrate
    Or demonstrate
    Or even just deliberate

    They escape through my facial expressions, you see
    The raise of the eyebrows
    Shape of the mouth

    The only way for a safe escape
    Is through the jet black ink
    Of the written word