Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday - by Rand

Black coffee and dusty books
make for poor companions
following such a weekend


sorry for the lack of poems over the weekend. as the above indicates, i spent the long weekend engulfed in good friends and good food.


  1. With gritty eyes
    I am pulled from slumber
    By the harshest calling
    Of morning PT.
    Monday is Runday,
    So we all say,
    And I am unprepared
    For such early fleetness,
    And all I can say is
    "Dear God,
    WHY does today
    Have to be Monday?"

  2. Monday

    “And they’re off!”
    the announcer exclaims
    as the horses
    bolt from the gate,
    thundering toward
    their goal.

    I’m the one left at the start,
    still getting organized,
    in no hurry,
    not even sure
    what the race is all about.

    Who really wins?

  3. monday

    tuesday drags on
    wednesday's the hump
    thursday's almost there
    friday and you're home free
    saturday's just fun
    sunday's when you realize
    tomorrow's monday
    but monday