Friday, May 6, 2011

Melodrama - by Rand

This isn't
going to be
one of those
"meet cute
only to find
out that my
stepdad was
your older
sister's lover
and you were
raised by your
parents as if
you were theirs
until they both
died in a
glazing accident
leaving you to
run the shelter
for cute but
dying animals
while struggling
to overcome
and lupus"
is it?


  1. Just a microcosm
    Of concentrated worldliness
    And schizophrenic clones,
    High school is SO the melodrama.

  2. melodrama

    Ode to my iPhone:

    O iPhone, iPhone,
    What would life be
    without you?
    An hour apart
    would be
    to lose a limb! A sense!

    climax and fall
    10 times
    in an hour;
    can totally change
    from one minute
    to the next!

    O, iPhone, iPhone,
    What would life be
    without you?
    Tragedy – to lose you!
    Horrific event! Life altering loss!
    A missed call – opportunity lost!
    Unheeded text – friendship destroyed!

    O iPhone, iPhone
    I am nothing without you.

    (authors note: inspired by recent true events by teenaged relative. author does not even own an iphone.)