Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fear - by Rand

Fear is a silly word
Say it out loud
Sure the "eeeeee"
might be mistaken
for a girlish scream
But the "ur" reveals this word
for what it really is

Now that's a well made word
They put the R behind the F
where it belongs
Together they launch the open "ayyyyy"
which stretches as long as you like

I prefer to imagine the word
falling off a tall cliff
The "ayyyyy" growing increasingly distant
until the shudder of finality
that accompanies the inevitable D

1 comment:

  1. I'm sitting in the theater
    With the clock nearing the midnight hour
    Not just with chill from an overworked A/C
    But with excitement
    And a little bit of dread.
    This is THE end. The END.
    My childhood,
    It's last vestiges,
    The books are complete,
    And now, so too are the movies.
    And I wonder, what shall I do next?
    My savior through my troubles,
    The small and the significant,
    What shall I do without you?
    I wish I could leave my problems behind
    As I used to, fall through ink and paper.
    How will my life play out now?
    How will I survive? Stay sane? Stay whole?
    Stay me?
    I guess now is the time to discover,
    And all the tomorrows.
    So, I have one last thing to say,
    Simple in form,
    Complex and deep and earnest in meaning:
    Dear Mr. Potter... I will miss you.