Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue - by Rand

I think blue
gets a bad rap
I mean, look around
The clear sky
and clean water
The planet itself
These are all good
things, right?
When I look at them
they make me happy

Come to think of it
Why isn't there a color
to represent happiness?

Blue = sad
Red = angry
Green = envy
Yellow = cowardice

Why are colors only
assigned to negative
emotions and behaviors?

But back to blue

I wish I could make
it illegal to use
blue in a pop song
It's just so lazy
and when I hear it
I'm embarrassed for
the singer, the song
and the color itself


  1. Blue It Is

    “Blue is my favorite color” she said.
    He looked out the window, distracted by the noise
    of traffic in the street below.

    “But I wonder if I should switch to red… after all
    it is the color of luck to the Chinese, and cinnamon red-hots and fire-hot slowly-oozing lava
    and long stem roses.

    But I never did like roses all that much,
    except for the wild ones that grow no matter where they are.
    They cling to stone walls and fences, they patiently wait for rain, they find sun

    She looked at the blue of his eyes, the blue of his shirt and thought of icy blue mountain lakes
    on their last real trip together before…

    Before tired and busy and worried
    in the time of new and hopeful and eager…

    “Still, I do like forget-me-nots.
    Besides I never could stand red licorice.”

  2. Butterfly

    Cocoon -
    cold dark -
    surrounded by waiting.

    and waiting

    for change.

    Things will be different.

    Trying for patience,
    settling for exhaustion.





  3. I want a room with a view
    Big or small,
    I don't care
    I just want a room with a view
    To see that sky
    Of azure and ebony.
    I want a room with a view
    That outlooks a city
    With a soft seat
    So I can imagine seeing it with you.