Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scandal - by Rand

How did the media
miss the opportunity
to refer to the bungled
response to Hurricane
Katrina as Floodgate?

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  1. Gossip drips from the overbite of Mrs. Young
    “Did you?” or “Have you?” or “I wasn’t sure if….”
    Eyes behind Sarah Palin style glasses widen
    Before narrowing, “So inconspicuous” she drones
    Patsy’s eyes drop from the salacious patter
    She finds herself not listening, instead watching
    Mrs. Young’s mouth as words are formed
    “Heartbreaking” and “puzzling” and
    “What about the children?” are molded
    By a tendril of an upper lip magically
    Forming over enormous incisors
    Patsy hears the echo of an “L”
    She believes might be the end of
    Confused she looks back into
    Mrs. Young’s eyes and replies,
    “Vanilla or Linen scented
    are my favorite.”
    Mrs. Young frowns. Without a
    Word, her black pumps clackety
    Clack on the asphalt of the
    School playground, seeking
    a better listener

    (the link under my name is this poem on my blog)

    THANK YOU for the prompt!