Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ink - by Rand (with apologies to Mark Strand)

If my tongue and teeth
are stained dark blue

is it only because I
have been up all night

eating poetry again


  1. Going to start talking of Michael's passing,
    when Mom said,"Son, it is going to be all right."
    Stop worrying if my words are trespassing on
    those I write about in the still of the night.

    I am putting it all out there.
    I am putting it all out there.
    I am going to listen to you, friend.
    I am putting it all out there.

  2. These words that spill out
    Ebony marring what once
    Was white
    Is my heart pouring out.
    Sometimes I feel that if I were
    To take the darker way out
    That instead of blood
    I would bleed ink.