Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick - by Debbie

I regret
the words I sent
in haste, for now
the meaning's bent
into a shape
and awkward size
that I no longer


From Debbie:
Ok, I'm starting to using a Kitchen Timer app on my iPad to make sure I don't cheat and go over 5 minutes.

Anyone else have an instapoem to share? Feel free to post below.


  1. Snow Bank in March

    Raise your head, statue,
    stone; move and grow.
    You must be moment, not
    monument. Go
    and start talking,
    asking, answering,
    changing your clothes a lot.
    Not stillness, not rot,
    just rise, please, sing
    and shift and go to pleasure,
    a measure, which is not some statue, some stone.
    Melt until the moon shows in you.

  2. Bowling Ball Pulling Guard Bus Riding Man

    Picks up his attaché case and runs for the fabulous five, his bus, the bus he’s got to catch
    Because despite his bad timing this particular morning he has been waiting actually waiting
    For this bus always waiting to catch this bus downtown but especially today
    Because it’s Thursday and Thursday is the light day
    - people taking off work
    - kids not going to school
    - grandmothers with cramps not hauling a child off to daycare
    Thursday the day fewer people ride the fabulous five
    And he can get a seat, sit down, take a load off