Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crayon - by Rand

She asked me
if I pronounced
it with two
or with one
"like the bird"

I replied
"hand me
the blue one"


  1. I am not a picture
    That you can color by number.
    I am not a painting
    Of which you can make a masterpiece.
    There is more to me
    Than meets the eye and clings to brushes
    There is more to me
    Than you'll ever see;
    Not because it simply cannot,
    But because you deem not to.

  2. New and sharp
    that waxy tip
    paper wrapped
    peel it back
    lay it flat
    press it
    push it
    smear it
    smush it
    smell it
    waxen sniff
    kidly art

  3. "kidly" is my new favorite word.